Dream Girls redecorating the Giordano store.

Les Dream Girls redécore le magasin de vêtement Giordano.

140929 kimheenim: Came to get a massage with my best friend Lee Hyukjae. It’s good that he contacted me when I was playing my last round of LOL. But Jongsuk-ee hyung and Hyukjae formed a team and kept saying things to me for not watching Incheon Asian Games. So I said “Do you two watch LOL-cup then? Three Korean teams have advanced, and you don’t watch LOL-cup? It’s being held in Korea!” and the massage teachers all burst out laughing. Massage teacher said “Customer, do you have any specific part that you feel uncomfortable with?” and I said “My heart” with a sad tone, and she burst out laughing again. I’m Janna player, so if I have a daughter, I will name her ‘Kim Janna’. If I name her ‘Kim Lulu’, I think she’ll be noisy since birth kk Ezreal is the best at one deals, so should I name my son ‘Kimzreal’ .. Sigh…. I will date a girl like ‘Ahri’~♡ #LOL-cup 컵 #NAJIN #SAMSUNG #KimJanna #Kimzreal (cr)

Charity Donate organized by HeePuff’s Fans in Taiwan and Mainland China

Puff and Elsa (Puff’s Manager) already Liked this IG. They knew that already. They also tag Heechul and his manager on IG. So, I think they also know that. Even Taiwan Newspaper also report this too.

Cr: Baidu HeePuff Bar + Heepuff Thread in SOOMPI & OneHallyu

WGM Episode 4 - The Wedding Photoshoot


[CAPS] 140926 MBC Make a wish

#ss6 Taiwan scheduled at 29 (sat) & 30 (sun) Nov 2014 !

Taiwan~ no more words

kimheenim: ..Sengbangsong Inkigayo.. #이특코스프레 #이특 #이유비 #김희철 #희님 #우주대스타

kimheenim: ..Sengbangsong Inkigayo.. #LeeteukCosplay #Leeteuk #LeeYubi #KimHeechul #Heenim #SpaceBigStar (cr)