83-line's goodbye kiss to their virtual wives

Heechul showing off the water bomb prank (from 4yrs ago) to his wife…


looking GREAT

140910 MAMACITA fansign:

Fan: Oppa, I have something I really want to ask you about
Leeteuk: What is it?
Fan: Where did you get your caps of Ebichu?
Leeteuk: Ah, fans post them, and I see them online!
Fan: Do you know what kind of animation Ebichu is?
Leeteuk: No. What kind of animation is it?
Fan: sexual animation.. it's really erotic;;
Leeteuk: ㅇㅅㅇ..??!!!!!!! really..? I- really?? Why is a hamster..? ah.. wa... Thank you, I'll look it up.. /handshake/
[sc: @/luvly_yu407]

#MAMACITA1stWin - Leeteuk’s speech (trans by @NKsubs)


140910 [NEWSPIC] Heechul in Show Champion [6P]

four mics in total lol